TMS Bingo - All Possible Squares

Scott says FERT

Brian mentions Lyfting

Skype Doesn't Work

Fish Sandwich

Scott pulls a johnson

Scott Does Math

Poop Jokes

Blatant euphemism

Old Man Johnson

Mad Max Fury Road

Scott mentions his dad

Zee Germans

Discord problems

Covercat appears

Scott forgets to add the songs

Utah connection

Scott talks about age

Jury's Sound is Busted

Scott says "Wiener"

Scott Flubs the opening

Scott can't find the sound clip

Scott talks about dead people

Low T

Scott looks up if someone is dead

Babble Royale call doesn't work

Soundboard Roulette

Scott tells us to "Eff off!"

Florida Man

Gyllenhaal or Jyllenhaal?

Kim appears with breakfast

Scott's "recipes"

Singing to Fill Time

le_sarge submits a title before you

News story involving poop

Scott Does Geography

Scott tells an airplane bathroom story

Tales from the movie theater

Scott/Brian complain about their sons

Kim fills in for Brian

Nightbot fails to submit your title

JuRY pushes Scott's buttons

Scott fixates on a real or imaginary physical attribute on a celebrity

Scott pushes JuRY’s buttons

No one can remember that celebrity's name

Dog-walking story


You know they've got talent

Scott makes up a name. (example: "cumberfart monkeybunch")

Scott Belches

I won't forget the song!

Mention Brian's sign

Scott being a germaphobe

Audio issue

Scott hates on Hallmark Channel movies

Brian's cat causes issues

Scott ate something he shouldn't have

Kitty sighting

Scott has a phobia


Mispronounced British names

Scott shouts "Dangit!"

Barf Sound Clip

Van Update


Kim's out of town, Scott eats junk

Plaisure, as Scott's dad would say

Scott says Nuuude!

Scott hates a word

Tadpool distracts Scott/Brian


Nicole mispronounces celebrity names

Brian Impression

Scott's Dream

Scott Does Names

Scott Does Words

Scott hangs up on someone

Crazy Neighbors

Scott calls Pinterest the lady internet

Stranger shouts some random thing at Scott


gknee says start the show

Brian talks about Vegas

Brian travel story

Scott's Korean Siblings

Johnson Parenting Advice


Spice Girls

F bomb

Scott gets grossed out

Scott is weirded out by the passage of time

Jim Raynor the Female Dog

YouTube Violation

Scott Forgot

Bingo Metatalk

Scott/Brian Ignores Tadpool

Mitzula's Vegas Tips

Scott says WEEEED

Colorado Connection

Show-Stopping Technical Difficulties

Scott Spoils A Movie

Scott Does Analogies

Scott references "Waterworld"

a Van story

Gilbutt Gottfred


Scott goes P-Irish

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Cobbled together by @biocow.