TMS Bingo

Scott says Nuuude!


Scott gets grossed out

Scott talks about age

Kim appears with breakfast

YouTube Violation

Scott shouts "Dangit!"

Mitzula's Vegas Tips

Scott looks up if someone is dead


I won't forget the song!

Blatant euphemism


Scott's "recipes"

le_sarge submits a title before you

Scott tells an airplane bathroom story

Skype Doesn't Work

Brian travel story

Scott Forgot

Scott is weirded out by the passage of time

Soundboard Roulette

Scott says "Wiener"

Scott calls Pinterest the lady internet

Scott makes up a name. (example: "cumberfart monkeybunch")

Scott Does Math

How to play: Keep track by clicking on a square. Click one by accident? Just click again.
Don't like you're squares? Refresh the page. But don't refresh if you like them or they are gone forever!

Submit your own squares! Go nuts!

Cobbled together during TMS 1755 by @biocow.