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What is iCopy?

iCopy is the first (that I know of) application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to copy and paste text and URL's between web pages. You also have the option of emailing copied text or URL's.

How does it work?

Install iCopy as a bookmark. (See directions below) Browse the web as you normally would. When you are on a page that has something you want to copy click your bookmarks icon and choose Copy/Paste. From the list choose "Copy Text" or "Copy URL". If copying text, select the text you want to copy. If emailing text or a URL an email will open with the text or URL in the body. If you copied text, when you come

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to the page you want to paste to you once again click the bookmarks icon and click Copy/Paste. This time choose Paste. You'll be redirected to our site for a second then returned to where you came from. Once again, click bookmarks and click Copy/Paste. This time an alert will tell you that you're ready to paste. Click any text box on the page and your text is placed there.

Since you have to click the bookmark twice to paste it's really more of a copy/paste/paste application.

Copy and Paste Text Demo

Copy Text to Email Demo


- Text must be in a text box You can now copy text from within the page!
- Doesn't work with every page (Mostly pages with frames)
- When pasting it is required to reload the page
- The text you paste is added to the URL and sent across the internet. This is VERY UNSECURE so be sure not to copy and paste important private information.

You can copy and paste almost any text on the page
You can email a friend a great web page you found
Emailed text retains it's HTML formatting including absolute links and images

OK, as you can see, the cons outweigh the pros but this may come in handy in some situation and I'll be working on it to try and get it to do more.

Planned Enhancements

Have emailed text retain all links and images
Copy and paste multiple parts of a page
More ability to select the exact text you want to copy


Installation involves adding a bookmark Safari on you iPhone/iPod Touch and slightly editing the URL. Click here to view the full installation instructions.

Concept and coding by Preston Monroe